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AI Top 3: The Power (?) Of Three

Watching American Idol after the fact is always a weird, systematic succession. One has to (try to) avoid all things online. Facebook has to be limited and Twitter has to be almost null and void. A failure, I might add, but my want to be surprised, shocked, outraged, perturbed, frustrated, elated while I’m “in the […]

AI Top 4: Inspirational Leiber & Stoller? Yakety Yak, Little Monsters!

When the announcement for Idol’s Top 4 mentor was declared, I was befuddled, to say the least. Sure, having Lady Gaga as “tutor”, so to speak, was a brilliant move – if anything, Fox can expect a spike in viewership en masse as the girl formerly-known-as-Stephanie Germanotta was sure to attract a couple million “little […]

AI Top 5: Now & Then – Everyone’s In It To Win IT!!!! (Well, Except You Haley)

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As Depeche Mode once sang, “Words are very unnecessary…they can only do harm…” Thanks, Martin Gore, if only you knew how many sleepless nights I could have saved if I had only listened to your sage advice. And, since words are, indeed, unnecessary, here is a visual to sum up the intensity of my exasperation […]

AI Top 6: Carole King: Pleasant Valley Wednesday

Hey, maybe it’s because I’m becoming a softie in my old age, or perhaps that I’m just too indolent to spelunk my own ghosts of AI:X Report Cards past, but if I was a gaming man, I’d bet that this was the most enjoyable night yet this season. Okay, listen, I know authenticity is an […]

AI Top 7: Secret Show Gone Wild! (4.21.11)

Had a another great time with Howard and special guest Jim Cantiello on Rickey’s “Secret Show Gone Wild” last night. I wasn’t my usual verbose self due to feeling a bit weathered (it’s been a loooong week!) but I enjoyed myself nevertheless! Our lovely resident, Noelle was not with us – she was recovering from […]

AI Top 7: 21st Century Pox

********** I’m going to be blunt in my language, and I can’t really care if you’re offended because the truth must be told. Fuck that James Durbin monstrosity, that Scotty McCreedy snoozefest, that Casey Abrams minstrel show, that Stefano Lagone sludge (that boy should NEVER dance again), that Lusk tragedian, and that Lauren Alaina…wait, what […]

AI 10: American Idle

(original unchyroned photo courtesy Dan Johnson) ********** So, I’m sitting at work eating my lunch when the subject of Idol popped in my head. It’s unusual, because from Thursday after Rickey’s “Secret Show Gone Wild” until the following Wednesday at 8, Idol is rarely on my mind, save for a few articles I might read […]